Thin, light and fast-dry gauze and pile towels
FUTAE GAUZE & PILE double yarn towels use the smooth skin touch of the gauze with the soft and gentle pile.The yarns used are thinner than the ones commonly used in towels, woven with [type #40] yarn the towels are thin, light and fast-dry.
Although they use a very thin type of yarn, the towels are strong and long lasting
because they are made in Japan with a high weaving technique.The more they are washed the more fluffy and soft they become,and it’s enjoyable to see how they change with their usage.
The rich shine of the surface of the gauze is harmonized with the soft color tone of the pile,these joyful two-tones color your every day. Lululu towels make your every day life more fun, Towels by ℓℓℓ works