Lululu Every day  From the time we get up until we go to sleep,
we happen to use towels every day of the 365 days of a year.
Whether fluffy, soft, smooth, hard or thin, plain or colorful,
towels come in a great variety of types.
Depending on their fabric or texture of their yarn, or how they are dyed,
towels generate many ways of usage and comfort.
lll works [Lululu works] is, Japan’s highest quality of manufacturers
carefully selecting material, manufacturing process and design
for the production of new towels, a project to be introduced to the world.  
Dearest Japanese towels, reach out to the world!
Enjoy Lululu towels and feel good every day
Presented by lll works.

FUTAE photo


Thin, light and fast-dry gauze and pile towels

product introduction